What is a “Smart Home”

August 3, 2022

By definition, a Smart Home is a home that is equipped with different gadgets and accessories that make living in it much more convenient. From lights and heat that you control from your smartphone, to speakers that work by voice demand. You can build a home with the foundation for these gadgets, or you can integrate them into an already existing home. 

Smart home, intelligent house, and home automation app security concept. Smart home app on smart phone.

There’s many pros to this automation, from energy saving to increased security and safety. Regular household tasks can be automated, which opens up your time for other things. It can truly feel like you’re living in the future. From self cleaning rooms, robots that listen to your voice, and cameras you can access from a million miles away. 

A smart home can start in many places. You can install an Alexa, or speaker that works via app and voice access. This means you can listen to music in new and more convenient ways. The speakers not only serve their original purpose, but they also serve as the link to the rest of the devices. Smart bulbs are the next accessory, because you can turn on and off the lights in your home via your phone! Bulbs come in different hues, vibrancy, etc. This helps massively with energy saving and convenience. You can also install thermostats that connect to your phone, and save energy this way too. 


Appliances can be smart, too! You can ensure that you’re saving power, and that you never have oven anxiety again. Or, you can buy devices that sense dander in the air, and begin purifying your space. Products that can sense movement and dispense scent, etc. 

Security and privacy is another big advantage of a smart home system. Even just installing a doorbell with a camera can allow you more awareness of your surroundings. Cameras are becoming smaller, more durable and more affordable as time goes on. Getting these “eyes” on your home and belongings can ensure extra safety, and you can link them to your home security system. You can also speak through these! For instance, to ask for a package to be left at the door, etc. 

Once you start integrating these futuristic home gadgets, having a hub for them to communicate within the system is important. This compatibility will vary depending on what tech you decide to go with. There’s a few security bundles available on Amazon that you can check out to get started. Smart locks, automated security systems and camera systems are the perfect way to seal up your home and ensure your safety. 

Entertainment is a massive plus of smart home connectivity. For instance, TVs that are voice operated, and have access to many different applications increase in entertainment value instantly. With smart lights, you can adjust the mood in every room with the touch of a screen. Music can play throughout the home, operated by voice or screen, and keep the good energy flowing. 

While this innovative and limitless future of technology is great, there are of course cons to keep in mind when pursuing a smart home lifestyle. It can be extensively expensive if you want to go all the way in making your home automated and intelligent. If the technology decides to not work, you can have trouble enjoying the pros of it. You also may just prefer the old fashioned style home, and the smart home advantages won’t equate to you! Starting with a few “smart” items is a good way to test the tech without breaking the bank and committing to a lifestyle you might not even like. It’s also important to note that the great security features and convenience are dependent on reliable wifi, so if this is hard to attain in your area, the smart home is probably not for you.

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