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About DJ Smith

DJ Smith strives to be a family man that loves to serve people from all walks of life, helping to better each of them in their unique situations.

When approaching a real estate transaction, you need someone that has experience beyond just buying and selling. DJ knows this and has committed himself to learn continually through all types and facets of continuing education. DJ prides himself in his knowledge of local happenings above just knowing where the best sushi is. As you have already found out, DJ looks young, and that is because he is. DJ committed to real estate early in his life making it his passion and now that he has been in the business for numerous years he is not afraid of working hard for his client’s best interests. DJ uses his youth and energy as his most substantial asset, causing him to work harder and longer for his clients.

Raised in Missoula, DJ has acquired a tremendous amount of local knowledge that he leverages for the benefit of his clients. In addition to his local experience, he knew he had to take it a step further. He joined his local Realtor Association and became an active participant in the Government Affairs Committee. This is where he built critical relationships with elected and appointed officials that allowed him to understand the Western Montana housing market at an entirely different level. DJ's knowledge allows his clients to be the first to know about government regulations and how those regulations can affect their home values and marketability. As First-Vice President of the Missoula Organization of Realtors, he leads the charge for the Attainable Housing Study that is a hugely beneficial project for the whole of Missoula.

Beyond his commitment to the community, he strives to have the most effective marketing campaigns for all his clients. Using the latest and greatest tools such as 3-D Cameras, Aerial and 1st Class Photography, he creates content that today's buyer is looking for and craving while searching on-line. But he does not just leave the marketing to chance, he brings your home to buyers through advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing campaigns that show up on the 1st Page of Google, Youtube, Facebook, and countless other websites. He calls it the "AMAZON AFFECT", following the consumer and not letting the consumer follow you. Beyond targeted SEO campaigns he makes sure your home will be on every "FOR SALE" site imaginable. By bringing all these cutting-edge techniques together under one platform, he builds the most effective marketing campaigns offered in Western Montana.

Today's Buyer needs an advantage more than ever, and DJ Smith endeavors every day to bring his expertise in negotiations and offer strategies to every client he represents. A home in today's market can move quickly, and in his efforts to provide an advantage to the buyers he works for, he offers a free mobile app that is updated immediately and allows one to save searches and have discussions with multiple parties across many devices enabling his clients to not only be informed but also to have a platform to carry on thoughtful discussions.

DJ Smith is known for bringing integrity, knowledge, and honesty to every transaction that he is a part of. He was awarded the Realtor Newcomer of the Year the first year he sold real estate. Living and working hard in a world that is continually changing, DJ Smith makes every effort to give the advantage to his clients, and he would love the opportunity to serve you.